frequently asked questions


How do I reserve a photo session?
First text, call or email Leslie with a few dates you prefer and if you have a location in mind or need a suggestion. She will check her calendar and let you know openings and options on the location. After you have settled on a date and location, Leslie will send you the link to pay the retainer fee.
What is a retainer fee?
Once your date and time is reserved, the studio declines other inquiries for your date and time. A retainer fee holds the date and time of your photo session on the photographer’s calendar and makes it so the photographer will not accept other appointments during that time and date. The retainer fee is transferrable if client calls or texts photographer at least 24 hours prior to the photo shoot and requests to move it to another date and time. Retainer fees are non-refundable. Retainer fees do not go towards your image order.
What is a hand edited, retouched image?
In editing, I correct lighting/exposure and color temperature, crop the image if necessary, as well as adding my own ‘signature’ touches to the images. Retouching involves removing blemishes, brightening teeth, smoothing skin, or even removing an unsightly objects in the background.
I don't like my shirt or shoes I wore at my photo session, can you photoshop in different clothing?
I do not photoshop in a new shirt, different shoes, etc. Please wear a shirt and shoes you like!
What if it rains?
Your outdoor photo session is weather dependent. My camera cannot be exposed to rain or extreme temperatures. Also I do not work in conditions that are a health or equipment hazard. In case of bad weather, your session will be rescheduled. I will not reschedule due to weather unless absolutely necessary.
Is a rush order available?
Yes, if you need your images very quickly, I can put a rush on your editing and print order for a additional charge.
Can I bring a pet to my session?
Yes, at outdoor sessions you may bring your pet. I do not allow animals into my home studio.
Is there a minimum order from a photo session?
Yes, as a custom photographer I create a collection of images from your session. So a minimum of 8 edited and retouched images must be ordered a la carte or you can purchase a image collection for the best rates.
What is the photo session process?
Click here to view the photo session process.
What payment types do you accept?
Cash, personal check, or credit card.
Will you post images from my session online?
If you check yes to give me permission on your questionnaire, then I will post pictures that I love from your session. If you check no, I will not post anything online from your session.
How do I receive the photo collection from each session?
Once the photo collection is in, I will contact you about picking it up or if you prefer shipping I can arrange it.
What is your re-shoot policy?
My goal is for you to love your photos! There is no charge for re-shoots due to technical issues (equipment malfunction, computer malfunction). I cannot offer free re-shoots for any of the following reasons: dissatisfaction with clothing, facial expressions, hair, wind or other items beyond my control. If you are dissatisfied due to circumstances beyond my control like clothing choices, facial expressions, hair, wind, or other items, a session can be re-shot at another date at a 50% reduced session retainer fee. All images from the first session will be deleted.
What happens if I am late for my photo session?
Clients must arrive to their portrait session at their scheduled start time. If client is late, the session time will not be extended or rescheduled. Any client arriving to the session will have the amount of time late deducted from the time alloted for the session. Refund or credits are not available for portrait sessions cut short or entirely missed due to a client’s late arrival.
What days and hours do you take schedule photo sessions?

Photo sessions are by appointment only. Session are generally scheduled Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm.  Weekend shoots are not offered regularly. If you need a weekend session, please inquire at least a month in advance and once a mutually agreed upon date is determined, you will pay a weekend fee of $100 on top of normal rates to hold the date.  The fee does not go towards pictures  – it is simply a fee to book on a weekend. 

What is a digital download?
A digital download  is the electronic form of acquiring a image. Your images will be sent to you by a dropbox link where you can download the images to your computer or save to your own dropbox account.
Can I get the images on cd?
No. I do not offer cd’s of images.
Can I get the images on a USB drive?
Yes. It is $25 for a USB of your images. It is free to get the images by digital download.
What if I am sick on the day of my session?
Give me a call and we will reschedule. I am around a lot of babies and I can’t afford to catch anything!
What is your cancellation policy?
Retainer fees are non-refundable. However, with a 48 hour notice (or by 6pm on the Friday before for a Monday session) you may reschedule your session once. This reschedule must take place within 1 month of your original session date. Cancellations on the day or no shows will have to pay another retainer fee to schedule another appointment time.
Can you photoshop me 20 pounds lighter?
This type of editing is not included in your session. I can recommend a online company that will do this for you.
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