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Here is a outfit idea for a maternity photo shoot. With Simply {L} Photography, a maternity shoot that is booked in conjunction with a newborn photo shoot is only a $20 session fee! I love to do maternity photos so I get the chance to discuss what we will do at the newborn shoot and  I have time to really get to know my clients before their baby arrives.

{fashionable} Fridays with Simply {L} Photography | maternity photo shoot outfit idea| Montgomery Alabama Photographer

With Simply {L} Photography, a maternity mini photo session is complimentary for couples and families who pre-book their newborn photo session.  It gives me a chance to get to know you and your family before the birth of your precious newborn baby, find out what your style is, and get some fabulous maternity photos in the process! That way, when your baby is born, we already know each other and I am prepared to get the photos you want of your newborn baby!

I offer the traditional on-location maternity photo session, something a little different, or a combination of both, but you will have to contact me to find out the details on the “different” session.  It’s really fun and totally different from your friends photos.

 To help you plan your outfits, I have a little visual for you! Aren’t these outfits great – not totally matching, but very complimentary!

{fashionable} Fridays with Simply {L} Photography | teens and seniors outfit tips| Montgomery Alabama Photographer

Teens and High School Senior {outfit tips}
I view a photo shoot with a teen as a opportunity to make the teen look like he or she just stepped out of a magazine.  So, you definitely want to choose outfits that reflect your personality and compliment your figure!  The best photos will turn out when you feel confident in your clothing and your confidence will show in your eyes.  Also, be sure to choose a variety of looks, dressy, fun, and casual. A variety of looks will create interesting photos.
For guys, a classic white button down shirt can make two different outfits, one with jeans or shorts with the arms rolled up, and with the arms rolled down with a tie. Also pick something that is you. If you wear fun colors, bring an outfit that shows this part of your personality off. Also, remember variety is a key element to your look. Bring different shoes, as different outfits need these finishing touches.
For girls, bring dresses, shorts, jeans…several different looks and different colors. Sleeves and no sleeves, short and long, and different shoes, remember variety is the key to great photos! Also, make sure you nails look great, and will not distract from the photo if the color is too bright.

{fashionable} Fridays with Simply {L} Photography | fun outfit tips for children | Montgomery Alabama Photographer


Children {fun outfit tips}

Kids are fun, fabulous, and of course, bursting with personality. They love being silly and love attention. Choose at least one outfit that shows your child’s personality!  Concentrate on color and pattern to present your child’s fun personality.  Bright, bold fun, colors, but NOT neon! Color is important, it should be vibrant, and not washed out. You can also have pattern such as big polka dots, thick stripes and interesting plaids are totally fab! As a rule, only have one big pattern per outfit.  Anything will work as long as colors appear a few times in the outfits. 2 to 3 main colors and then have them appear 3 or more times throughout the outfits. Find something your child likes! A hat, jewelry, jacket, knee socks, boots, and even a shirt can be the key to the look. Just make sure the piece compliments the outfit! Now to layering!  Chunky layered looks add interest, especially textures. Add a fun jacket, a sweater, a belt…anything. Make sure the outfit is comfortable!  Kids want to be able to move and show their fabulous personality in the photos.

{fashionable} Fridays with Simply {L} Photography | Montgomery Alabama Photographer

So anyone who knows me knows that I love shopping. I love clothes, accessories, handbags, shoes, and sales!  And yes, this love does get me in trouble sometimes. First I find a pair of heels, then I need a new dress, then jewelry, then handbag, and on and on.  Speaking of this, Dillards at Eastchase here in Montgomery Alabama  is marking down all their summer clothing another 40% this weekend and I have 3 photo shoots, don’t worry, I will make time to go shopping.  Ok, I will get back to the subject. Photo session clothing ideas! So what does this have to do with photography? Well, simply clothes can make or break a photo. If the clothing is unflattering, it takes away from the composition of the photograph. If the clothing is gorgeous, but the person wearing it is uncomfortable, the person’s eyes and disposition will show that! So, each week my goal is to place outfit ideas on this blog! This week, let’s focus on a fall family casual photo shoot.  First things first – everyone in the family DOES NOT have to wear the same color! Just coordinate your colors to compliment each other.  Here is a picture to give you an idea!